The Journey is the Thing

Art by Ella Frances Sanders

The journey is the thing.”

This quote by the ancient Greek poet Homer was written on a notebook I bought two years ago – a light blue, thin notebook with sea shells on it. It struck a chord deep within and I always came back to it, especially when I got lost in thought over the future, over the next ‘destination’, over the to-do lists. It always brought me back to ‘this moment’, the moment I was in, and helped me realize that this is all that I have, and all that I ever need.

This moment, and all the other moments that I continue to collect along this ‘journey’ — the moments where I feel the sun and the wind on my skin and realize how the sunlight reveals the raw beauty of life, the moments where I look at the eyes of my loved ones and want to hug them as tightly as I can, the moments where I look at the night sky when it’s full of stars and think how small yet magical they are, just like us, ordinary yet fascinating humans living and breathing in this vast universe. And I’m grateful for all of it — grateful for all the little moments that are in essence the most powerful reminders that the journey is the thing, and always will be.

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