True Freedom

Photo Credit: dilaquis
Photo Credit: dilaquis

Our fears aren’t monsters that we need to protect ourselves from by pulling the blanket over our heads as we used to do when we were little – they indeed have dark sides, but what in this vast universe doesn’t?

When they come to visit us, we may tightly shut the door to prevent them from entering, and start thinking that we’ve escaped them, that we’re free now. But what we may not realize is that we’ve shut the door not only to them but also to other emotions, other feelings that would’ve soon come to bring us light and peace and freedom… When we close that door, we in fact take away our freedom with our own hands that turn the key.

Instead, if we could try to connect with the wisdom we hold by looking within, and choose to take a step towards our painful emotions, even though the ground beneath our feet may tremble at the beginning, we will slowly begin to realize that with each step it becomes stronger. With each step that we take, with our strength, courage and confidence growing inside…

And when we finally come face to face with them, and softly ask, “Why are you here? What do you need me to hear?”, they will answer. They will say that they came to protect us. Show us that there’s always another way. Tell us to be patient with all that is unresolved in our hearts, just like Rilke said…

And finally having said what they’ve come to say, they will start their journey back to where they came from. They will give us the space and freedom we need to figure things out, until the next time we see them again, with a much more compassionate and open heart…

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