Teachable Moments

Photo source: unsplash.com

Someone who has made a huge impact on my life once told me “There are no mistakes in life. In my world, we label them “fascinating.” Every moment in life is a teachable moment, if you’re open…” Those words really stayed with me and I thought about what they meant quite deeply. As someone who used to try and avoid making mistakes, I’ve come to realize that nearly all the turning points, life changing experiences, unforgettable lessons of my life were in some way related to those “mistakes”. ⁣

⁣They were the outcomes of stepping out of my comfort zone, daring to try new things even though I felt unsure and anxious, allowing myself to be less than “perfect”, acknowledging that life is all about accepting and opening myself to all kinds of experiences, pleasant or unpleasant, and asking myself, what is this trying to teach me? What is it trying to make me see? ⁣

⁣As imperfect and “fascinating” human beings, we will continue making mistakes, and we will hopefully continue learning from them, growing and evolving thanks to them and discovering that we *are* whole, we *are* enough, we *are* worthy of our love and compassion and forgiveness, as well as others’, not despite of but “with” our mistakes… ⁣

⁣I truly hope that we never forget to remind ourselves that each mistake can be “fascinating”, and a “teachable moment”, if we’re open, just like that special person told me… 

With love and light… ⁣

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