Restaurant Recommendation – Ottolenghi

Ottolenghi Open Delicatessen Counter

There are probably only a few things that I love more than discovering different restaurants with delicious food.

Ottolenghi is one of those restaurants, it’s definitely one of my favorites in London for many reasons. It’s a perfect place for the ones looking for healthy but at the same time incredibly tasty and good value food, mainly from Mediterranean & Middle Eastern cuisines.

The restaurant has four branches – in Spitalfields, Notting Hill, Islington and Belgravia. I’ve been to the ones in Islington and Spitalfields, I think they’re both great in terms of service, ambience and decoration. I went there always for lunch, as in my opinion the atmosphere is more suitable for lunch, but you could surely go for dinner as well if you wish.

Their open delicatessen counter is mouth watering, with heavenly desserts on one side, and healthy but delicious salads and side dishes on the other.

For lunch, you can choose different salads from their great selection, either with or without a main course. They also have delicious pastries that *could* be considered light :)

I have to mention their desserts one more time as the ones that I’ve tasted were absolutely amazing. You should definitely try some of them if you haven’t yet – you won’t regret it!


P.S: There’s usually a long queue at the Islington branch of the restaurant, so going there early would be the best.

Check out their website for more information on the food, prices and more:

Have you been to Ottolenghi before? Comment to let me know!

8 thoughts on “Restaurant Recommendation – Ottolenghi”

  1. I love Ottolenghi but it is a strange set up in that you have to share tables and queue (in islington). My husband won’t go there with me as it has – to him anyway – a vibe he doesn’t like. I don’t mind at all, as there is always someone to treat but it’s interesting to try and work out what it is about ottolenghi that makes it a love/hate choice. Nicola


    1. Yes the setting is indeed different than many other places! I agree with your husband in that matter – sharing tables with other people and waiting in a long queue can be quite annoying, but I love their food so much I try not to care about it! :) I’m glad that you like it there as well!


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